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Learn Growth Hacking, and establish Continuous value creation

Design your product, and learn what provides value to your customers. And be able to translate that value to enable continues growth!


Bring value through your product

Ennabalish product-led growth is one of the more scalable and cost-effective approaches. Which allows flexibility and agility.



Discover Growth Hacking by the Master of Growth

In the digital age, organizations need to be adaptive, responsive and flexible. It’s unclear where success will come from. Therefore organizations need to apply a method to create continuous value. 

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“Master of Growth is a non-profit consortium  that promotes and facilitates the usage of the Growth Hacking methodology in a sustainable manner and process matic.” 



What is Master of Growth?

Master of Growth (MoG) is a consortium and community of Growth Hacking Professionals who believe in continues value creation. And that sustainable growth can be achieved by focusing on value to your customer. 

  • Master of Growth have established a collection of content pieces that act as a body of knowledge that like to generate continuous value them selfs.  
  • Master of Growth has established a community for professionals where they can connect and exchange experiences and experiments. 

Through a network of education partners, the practices and growth hacking knowledge can be transferred and certified through the Master of Growth – Foundation Certification.

Transparent & Open

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All partners share values of transparency, excellence and equity

Training organisations

Training partners are accredited based on strict guidelines that safeguard training quality and effectiveness as the Master of Growth consortium set out.

Member organizations

Member organizations support the mission of the Master of Growth Consortium and commit to achieving the common goal, each member in its own way

The Master of Growth Certification Council​

Expert pannel

The Master of Growth consortium has established a certification council that provides advice on content-related matters and is responsible for auditing the Master of Growth certification.

The Certification Council is an independent panel of Master of Growth and education experts representing different industries and interests.

Council members are selected from member organizations of the Master of Growth consortium. Based on their experience, network, and contributions to Growth Hacking.

Bart de Lege

Architect Growth Hacking Master of Growth program​

Ward van Gasteren

Growth Consultant | Systematically grow now and for years to come

Ivo van Haren

CEO and founder of Van Haren Publishing

Ivo van Haren is founder and CEO of Van Haren Publishing. Van Haren publishing is world’s leading publisher in best practices, frameworks and standards in Project Management. 

Jonard Rood

Growth Strategy and Implementation | Strengthen Results, Team and Process | Accelerating your growth ambitions

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking is a term used to describe the use of creative, low-cost, and innovative methods to grow a business or product quickly. These methods often involve using data and technology to identify and target new customers or users, and then testing and iterating different approaches to see what works best. Growth hacking is a relatively new concept and is often associated with startups and small businesses that are looking for ways to grow quickly on a limited budget.

Complex, rapidly changing and highly specialized. This is the world we’re operating in at the moment. Marketing, product development and innovation are becoming more and more challenging for business leaders. Customer journeys are becoming more complex. The number of available and necessary tools for managing marketing, product, activation, and retention is growing exponentially. How do you maintain the helicopter overview in this ocean of tools and processes? And more importantly, how do you keep focusing on what you need to be focusing on?

Growth and the continuous creation of value consist of two important phases: the Idea Phase and the Growth Phase. Design Thinking and Growth Hacking are the methods you use to achieve scalable growth in the specific phases of this growth cycle.

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